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November 12, 2019
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As the General Manager for The James Beard House in New York, Adam handles everything from hiring to daily facility operations. More importantly, Adam is dedicated to ensuring dinners are executed in a manner that honors the chefs and ensures the guests have a “giant and wonderful time here in the House.”

We sat down with Adam to learn more about why he chose to let Jitjatjo into his “house”.

On the James Beard House:

Adam: It is a family here. It started small, and we always say, “this is our house, it’s your home.” So bringing someone into your home is a big choice, and there’s been a lot of different places out there that have done temporary staffing before Jitjatjo.

The thing about Jitjatjo that we liked so much was they interview the people. They take the time to get it right.

On Jitjatjo Talent:

Adam: We’re looking for someone who is in the industry, understands the needs of the industry. Jitjatjo provides that for us, and that’s a gift.

On Jitjatjo Support:

Adam: The team at Jitjatjo puts in the extra effort, and unlike a lot of the agencies that are out there, they understand that the effort they put in on the back end of things to ensure people are ready, prepared, and represent them and us well, will pay dividends down the road.

Everyone who I’ve recommend …. has come back and thanked me for it.

It’s really an amazing product. The people are wonderful. And I say that from the people who work for Jitjatjo, as well as the people they send us.

On using the Jitatjo app:

Adam: They put a lot of thought into what they do. They put a lot of thought into their algorithms, their followup, everything about it.

If I like someone, they ask me the question, and it’s simple. It’s not me writing something, it’s not stars, it’s, “Would I hire them again? Yes? No? Absolutely?”

And I have to say, most times, it’s “Absolutely”.

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