5 questions to ask before choosing an on-demand staffing platform

September 20, 2023
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In a world of talent shortages and economic instability, the ability to hire the right temporary workers at the right times is crucial. But a company can only recruit as quickly as their on-demand staffing platform supports.
Handling everything from compliance to performance, the best on-demand service is that which makes managing temporary workers as pain-free as possible… And yet the search for the right platform can be a challenge in itself.
That’s why, in this article, we look at five questions you should ask before choosing another platform. These will help you find a solution that can support you as you scale.

1. What is the process for hiring and vetting talent?

A great on-demand staffing solution should support both ongoing and last-minute needs. And that means a thorough, but efficient vetting process is essential. To find out whether a partner can help you hire high-quality temporary workers at speed, ask questions like:

  • What criteria do you use to assess workers?
  • How do you assess skills?
  • Do you conduct background checks?
  • How quickly can you deliver temporary workers?
  • How do you find staff who are a good fit in the long term?

2. Do you use technology in your on-demand service?

As fast as human recruiters can work, they will never match the ability of artificial intelligence. And it makes sense that 94% of HR managers say that recruitment software is improving their hiring processes. At Jitjatjo, our technology is human powered. The AI does the matching first and our team cross-checks behind the scenes to ensure both clients and workers will be satisfied. 

For this reason, it’s important to ascertain which tools your on-demand staffing platform uses, if any. Look out for the following features (which are all present in Jitjatjo’s solution):

  • A matching algorithm that learns which applicants are the best fit for your needs over time by building personas and skill sets (Our fulfillment AI is called “Ma”)
  • Standards and benchmarks for performance management and quality service delivery (Ours is called “Pa”)  
  • Real-time data that you can review to assess your performance benchmarks of temporary workers 
  • Being able to get in touch with a human when you need them. Jitjatjo has a dedicated Customer Success team to support when you need them. 

3. Which employee classification do they work with (1099 vs. W-2)? 

As you can probably tell, even minor differences between 1099 independent contractors and W-2 employees can impact your experience with gig workers. Call us biased but we believe in human betterment and hiring our talent as W-2 employees allows for more reliability all around. Jitjatjo has a strict hire rate (5%) to ensure quality over quantity.

  • Independent Contractors (1099): Rarely require any training, vetting process, background checks or experience. They can technically hit the ground running once hired but there is less control in assessing the worker’s skillsets and service standard and higher legal implications.
  • Employees (W-2): Go through background checks, are vetted by HR, they’re insured, they receive a minimum wage, and receive various benefits. Typically customer-facing businesses will lean towards W-2 gig workers because of the added reliability and quality of the professionals in the talent pool. It’s important to note that W-2 workers are usually a slightly higher price because of the added benefits that come with this classification.

Don’t forget to ask potential vendors:

  • What % of applicants do you hire or accept on the platform?
  • Do you provide W2 or 1099 staff?
  • What recruiting, vetting, and processing do your staff go through?

4. How do they help with performance management?

It’s one thing to hire temporary workers fast and another for them to meet your requirements in the role. An effective on-demand staffing platform will handle performance management as well as the talent acquisition process (recruiting, vetting, onboarding, processing, and hiring). You should also ask whether the platform includes attendance and time-tracking tools. 

5. Is it a viable solution as you scale?

To keep costs down, you need an on-demand staffing platform that is transparent about both their fees and processes, and data. Data transparency through dashboards, reporting, and real-time tracking is essential for hiring managers to track progress and cost efficiencies.

Ask these questions to determine their suitability as you grow your team:

  • How can you help with short-term needs and long-term repeat staff?
  • How does your fee structure work? Is there a contract involved?
  • Is there a minimum hourly commitment? 
  • Do you have workers in the locations we need them in?
    Jitjatjo can help you grow

Ondemand by Jitjatjo is a gig work app and on-demand staffing marketplace that provides reliable, W-2 hourly workers for businesses needing to fill open shifts. Need temp workers or want to learn more about our flexible work solutions? Sign up to get started or email us at sales@jitjatjo.com   


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