A day in the life | Meet Lauren

June 29, 2023
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In this segment of our A Day in the Life series, where we recognize some of Jitjatjo’s incredible Change Agents, we meet Lauren, one of our Client Success Managers based in Sydney, Australia. Lauren gives us a glimpse into her typical day supporting our clients. 

Name:  Lauren H.

Title:  Client Success Manager in Sydney, Australia

“I love working at Jitjatjo because we truly are the future of work and it makes me excited to be involved in such an innovative company with endless opportunities.”

What do you do at Jitjatjo and how long have you been with the company?

I’ve been with Jitjatjo for over a year now and I’m the Client Success Manager.

What is your typical day like? 

Clients, clients, clients! When clients need support, I’m there! My typical day consists of managing clients’ needs - from managing bookings to working closely with the Community Engagement Team and Sales Team, plus working on account growth strategies, coaching my new team members, and more.

I often visit clients in person, which is what I love the most about my day-to-day. I am able to provide a demonstration of our Ondemand platform, ensuring they are set up correctly and ready to book our fabulous Talent. 

How would you describe Jitjatjo in 3 words? 

Future Of Work

Why did you choose Jitjatjo? 

With deep roots in the hospitality industry and experience working in a startup environment, it was a really easy decision for me to get involved with an innovative company in an industry that I love.

What do you love most about working at Jitjatjo? 

I love the vision of the company and the endless opportunities. It’s awesome to work with such a great team with passion for the mission.

What do you think makes a great team? 

Collaboration, adaptability, and encouragement.

What is your greatest achievement to date – personal or professional? 

I grew up in South Africa and I am really proud of starting a life for myself in Australia, with all my family living in South Africa.

What is the best career lesson you’ve learned so far? 

Always be proactive and have a positive attitude. Plus I always keep my family motto in mind, which is never give up!

What has been your proudest moment at Jitjatjo?

When I started with Jitjatjo, we had only just launched in the Australian market so I have been very proud to see the growth of our client base and our overall Australian operations. It really is an amazing feat to go from unknown to a key player in casual hospitality staffing amongst the Australian hospitality industry.

What do you hope to achieve in the coming months, year(s)?

We have only just launched in Melbourne (the second biggest Australian city), so I’d love to see our Melbourne market smash it. I’d also love to work with more major players in Sydney, growing our market share here. Lastly, growing our team always gives me a lot of joy, so I’d love to be involved in that too.


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