A guide for hiring managers: Five strategies to optimize staffing at healthcare facilities

May 2, 2023
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The healthcare industry has had to adapt in recent years to recover from the pandemic, and has had to adjust to the new normal of high turnover rates with being permanently understaffed. Proper staffing is crucial for healthcare facilities to ensure the safety and well-being of patients, provide personalized care, and maintain high operating standards. To get back on track, the industry has had to turn to new resources, such as temp and gig-work platforms. . 

Being properly staffed at a healthcare  facility is especially crucial.  Why? 

Adequate staffing can also help prevent FTE burnout and turnover, which negatively impacts patient care and leads to further staffing shortages. Having a bench full of reliable workers can mean facilities are more likely to comply with regulatory requirements and maintain high standards of care. Sufficient bandwidth is essential for the safety and well-being of patients, staff job satisfaction, and the success of healthcare operations.

Here are some ways to streamline and improve staffing and care at your healthcare facility:

  1. Introduce AI: Automation is an effective way for  facilities to manage their workforce and overcome staffing challenges. Automation allows for efficient and accurate scheduling of shifts and reduces the time and effort required to manage staffing levels. It also enables  facilities to maintain optimal staffing levels, making it easier to plan and allocate resources effectively. By reducing the need for manual intervention, on-demand staffing apps can help facilities operate more efficiently and deliver better care to their patients.
  2. Trust gig-work companies to help fill in the gaps: Hiring gig workers allows facilities to focus on areas that need attention while continuing to expand and grow. Gig work can help minimize costs and expenses while maintaining adequate staffing levels, especially for facilities that operate on tight budgets. By hiring gig workers, facilities can avoid the costs associated with traditional employee benefits and training programs, while still maintaining the necessary staffing levels for successful operations.
  3. Organize internal communications: Effective organization ensures staff members can complete their duties efficiently, especially when dealing with the complex needs of patients. Prioritizing organization and communication can improve staff efficiency, enhance patient care, and create a positive work environment. Some key communication practices include using clear and concise language, avoiding jargon, listening actively, and documenting everything. Jitjatjo’s technology allows the supervisor or manager to communicate easily through an in-app chat function with all full-time hired employees, as well as the temporary staff who are brought on for specific gigs. 
  4. Prioritize employee wellness and well-being: Employees should be a facility's number one priority because when they are at their best, the facility can provide the best care and operate smoothly. Creating a two-tier schedule with a set number of employees scheduled for each tier can help employees avoid being overscheduled or overworked. Gig-workers can be critical in relieving your hardest working full-time hires.  
  5. Implement updated training and education: Implementing new and improved training can ensure that staff have all the tools they need to succeed, adapt to new techniques, and improve their skills and practices. Updated education on the healthcare industry's rules and regulations and new technologies is vital to the success of  facilities.

To streamline and improve staffing and care at healthcare facilities, several strategies can be implemented. These include prioritizing organization and communication, prioritizing employee wellness and well-being, utilizing automation, relying on gig-work companies to help fill in the gaps, and implementing updated training and education.

How can Jitjatjo help hiring managers in healthcare facilities?

Jitjatjo is an on-demand staffing platform that can help hiring managers in healthcare facilities with their staffing and scheduling needs. The Ondemand by Jitjatjo app provides access to a pool of pre-vetted, experienced staff, making it easy to quickly find qualified non-clinical workers to fill in gaps in administrative staffing. By leveraging Ondemand, hiring managers can improve staffing levels and scheduling efficiency, leading to better patient care, improved staff satisfaction, and more successful facility operations. Additionally, Jitjatjo can assist with the well-being of employees through its Better by Jitjatjo program, which offers benefits, insurance, savings, and protection.


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