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January 9, 2024
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Home Run for Aramark

A pitch-perfect staffing solution for Citizens Bank Park

Aramark Statistics: 100% Shift fill rate, Top booked positions - Customer Service, 99% Staff on time, Top used feature - Repeat Workers, 8/10 NPS Rating

The challenge

Hiring for busy season

Previously, Aramark faced significant challenges with its hiring and onboarding processes at Citizens Bank Park in Pennsylvania. These lengthy and complex procedures not only reduced efficiency but also hindered their ability to retain long-term employees. The result was a cycle of staffing gaps and high turnover rates due to unfavorable staffing ratios, impacting overall operational effectiveness.

  • Success in initial recruitment at job fairs, but challenges in staff retention during the summer season.
  • Despite close-knit, family-like employee culture, high turnover rates observed, with staff resigning midseason for various personal reasons (i.e. long-term employees retiring after 15+ years of service!).
  • Mid-season hiring challenges due to limited applicant interest for short-term, seasonal work.
  • Existing strong team in place, with a focus on building on to make up for other departures.

The solution

From fairs to digital efficiency

What Aramark discovered in Jitjatjo was not just an app, but a partnership. The platform offered a user-friendly interface paired with a dedicated client success team, providing round-the-clock support. This holistic approach meant Aramark could seamlessly fill both short and long-term shifts, effectively bridging any labor gaps. The streamlined, efficient hiring and onboarding process Jitjatjo offered marked a significant departure from Aramark’s previous strategies, such as in-person job fairs, which had proven less effective. With Jitjatjo’s all-in-one platform, covering staffing needs became not just manageable, but effortless.

  • Continuation of successful preseason job fairs for initial bulk hiring across departments.
  • Jitjatjo effectively bridged the staffing gap during the latter half of the season.
  • Round-the-clock support provided via in-app chat with the Jitjatjo team.
  • Capability to fulfill both long and short-term shifts, effectively addressing labor gaps.
  • Streamlined hiring and onboarding processes consolidated within a single app for rapid acquisition of qualified talent.

The how

Consistency with repeat staff  

For Aramark, Jitjatjo’s app-based platform was a game-changer. The MyTeams feature, in particular, made it easy to book their favorite staff members for upcoming shifts.

  • Reliable, pre-vetted W2 talent with experience
  • Fast booking process through a user-friendly mobile app ́
  • My Team feature to book repeat favorite workers

Through Ondemand we were better able to serve our 44k customers by having adequate staffing levels through our 8 retail stores & warehouses.  We were able to open more registers and have staff circulating the sales floor assisting customers. The extra hands from Jitjatjo allowed our supervisors to focus on their own responsibilities.

The results

Reduce time to hire from months to hours 

Jitjatjo played a pivotal role in supporting Aramarks operations during regular baseball and special events. By leveraging Jitjatjo, Aramark managed to meet staffing demands across 8 retail stores and warehouses, ensuring a seamless experience for their 44,000 fans. Aramark quickly addressed staffing gaps as well as streamlined their hiring process, reducing time-to-hire from months/weeks to days/hours. They were able to focus on enhancing the overall employee experience while maintaining optimal staffing levels. Jitjatjo has now become a part of Aramark's  everyday operations as well as  large and special events strategy.

  • Jitjatjo became an integral part of Aramark’s large & special events strategy 
  • Successfully filled in staffing gaps helping them to get back to normal operations
  • Streamlined the hiring process, reducing time to hire from months/weeks to days/hours 
  • Improved employee experience through adequate staffing ratios

Client insight 

Our client recommends utilizing Jitjatjo for both long & short term goals. Pointing out that the ability to rapidly onboard & hire with Jitjatjo makes it ideal for covering staffing gaps for any occasion.

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