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July 7, 2024
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Collective Retreats
From Glitches to Glamping: Elevating Guest Experience at Collective Retreats

The Challenge

Overcoming fluctuation

The challenge for Collective Retreats existed in managing staffing fluctuations caused by seasonal changes. Their conservative staffing model often left them under-prepared for large events, callouts, or staff availability dips, resulting in shortages and the need to re-allocate team members from other duties. This approach not only hindered operational success but also contributed to burnout and frustration among staff members.

  • Seasonal Staffing Fluctuations: Collective Retreats experienced staffing dips and losses due to the seasonal nature of the operation.
  • Conservative Staffing Model Limitations: A conservative staffing approach led to challenges in covering large events or managing unexpected staff shortages.
  • Operational Impact: Frequent shortages necessitated reallocating staff from their usual duties, causing burnout and operational inefficiency.

The Solution

Collective Retreats, like many hospitality businesses, struggled to find the right talent through traditional methods and gig work apps.  These solutions often resulted in limited success, failing to meet the urgent and specific needs of their upscale retreats. With Ondemand by Jitjatjo, they were able to focus on what matters most – creating unforgettable experiences for your guests.

Compared to other platforms the following advantaged set Jitjatjo apart:

  • Highly responsive and supportive staff.
  • Prompt and efficient gig workers, adept at handling various challenges.
  • Confidence in Jitjatjo team members' ability to integrate into the retreat's team seamlessly.
  • Streamlined, all-in-one platform offering reliable, pre-vetted W2 talent.

The How 

For Collective Retreats, Ondemand wasn't just a staffing solution - it was a game-changer. They particularly appreciate the app's intuitive design and the ability to connect with the Ondemand team directly through in-app chat for immediate assistance at any step.

The platform goes beyond simply connecting you with qualified talent. It empowers you to build a team of skilled professionals who understand your specific operational needs.

  • Adopting Jitjatjo's Ondemand app wasn't just about filling positions; it was about enhancing the entire staffing process.
  • Ability to build a list of preferred, skilled staff familiar with specific operational needs.
  • Stress-free staffing with the “My Team” feature for booking repeat staff.
  • User-friendly interface ensuring straightforward booking and management.
  • Efficient in-app communication for support before, during, and after shifts.

The Results 

Attributed to Jitjatjo, Collective Retreats thrived during their peak season—a challenge in the past. Leveraging Ondemand, they strengthened their core team, ensuring consistent support and maintaining a seamless guest experience even during short-staffed moments. The success of Ondemand in day-to-day operations led to its integration into Collective Retreat’s event strategy. in many different ways and the final results speak for it:

  • Jitjatjo's regular gig staff has become an extension of the base team for key roles.
  • The enhanced capacity for handling events and banquets through strategic staffing increased.
  • Jitjatjo made sure to provide support for the base team during peak times and short-staffed situations.
  • Delivered high-quality guest experience, even under staffing pressures.

Client Insight 

"The best advice to success working with Jitjatjo? As hiring managers, take the time to build better relationships with the talent and integrate them as much as possible to your team. “Build strong relationships with the Jitjatjo staff. They are enthusiastic to accept future gigs with you and they become a small extension of your team.” 

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