Courtyard by Marriott x Jitjatjo

October 5, 2023
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Courtyard by Marriott

Revitalizing Hospitality

How Jitjatjo transformed Marriott's staffing challenges into a thriving workforce

The challenge

Combatting labor shortages 

Marriott, like many other hospitality companies, lost a high number of food and beverage staff during the pandemic. Unable to promptly replace these long-term team members, they moved to a reduced staffing model which placed new burdens on hourly employees and managers.

The solution

A remodeled labor strategy 

Struggling to reassign staff to cover labor gaps, Marriott was forced to take a new approach. Luckily, they found Jitjatjo who could provide them with temporary workers on demand in an easy-to-use platform. 

Our operations would not have been able to survive without Jitjatjo and we may have had to partially close our restaurant or limit hours. Matt Gauding 
Accounts Manager at Courtyard by Marriott

The how

A lightning-fast solution

Marriott emphasized the pivotal role Ondemand has played in their staffing strategy, specifically its ability to cover a wide range of shifts at the last minute. With the ability to access experienced, vetted staff without an extensive recruitment process, the company was able to adapt to a tumultuous period. 

The results

A high-performance, low-cost team 

By partnering with Jitjatjo, Marriott is able to maintain the same level of service with a reduced workforce. They cut costs by using scheduling processes that utilize flexible staffing and utilizing Ondemand for weekly shift planning and scheduling processes. 

Client insight

Utilize great staff members  

Our client has had such a positive experience with using Jitjatjo that they have had many talented team members return to their locations. This has led them to recommend the utilization of the booking feature: “When you work with a star talent, be sure to request them for future bookings.” 

About Courtyard by Marriott

Courtyard by Marriott first opened its doors more than 35 years ago. Ever since, the team has been dedicated to creating an environment where great things can happen.  Along with great common areas and amenities, the courtyard also features the Bistro as the hotel’s casual dining destination. 

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