Jitjatjo Welcomes New Leadership: Dominic Esposito's Vision for AI-Driven Staffing Solutions

June 27, 2024
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JJJ International Inc. Elevates Dominic Esposito to CEO, Advancing The Future of Shift-Based Workforce Management Technologies

Esposito, the product architect of JJJ International’s staffing technology platform for contingent labor, will lead the charge in escalating JJJ’s two business lines across its clients in the U.S.

NEW YORK – June 27, 2024 – JJJ International, Inc., the leader in AI-enabled workforce solutions, today announced the promotion of Dominic Esposito to CEO. Formerly the Chief Technology Officer and a visionary co-founder, Esposito's new role underscores JJJ’s strategic direction, a product-centric approach and commitment to leveraging advanced AI technologies to transform how businesses and workers thrive in today’s dynamic labor market.

As CEO, Esposito will spearhead JJJ International's mission of human betterment through employment opportunities and workforce optimization. He assumes this pivotal role as JJJ International restructures and positions the expansion of its two business lines: Jitjatjo, the thriving marketplace used by shift-based businesses—and the workers they need—to staff operations in hospitality, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing operations, and Network, the AI driven SaaS products company, continuing to provide advanced software solutions designed for staffing agencies and shift-based enterprises.

Esposito is uniquely positioned to guide the company through this next growth phase. Having orchestrated JJJ’s technological evolution for over eight years, he combines deep product expertise with an intrinsic understanding of the staffing industry’s challenges and opportunities.

“I’m committed to leading us forward as the premier solution for managing shift-based teams,” Esposito shared. “I’m genuinely proud of our technology journey. Our two business lines, with VMS (Vendor Management System) and WFM (Workforce Management) solutions, are poised to set new industry benchmarks, reducing HR and procurement costs by at least 50%. The goal is to not only continue our momentum but to elevate it, ensuring our AI driven solutions empower businesses while improving the work life of their employees.” 

"From JJJ International’s inception, Dom has been the driving force of our software's development, with a vision for how it should evolve. But it’s not just about the tech; he also understands the operational adjustments that need to happen as we move into this next growth phase," said Ron McCulloch, co-founder of JJJ International, Inc. and Chairman of the Board. "His promotion to CEO is a natural progression, reflective of his deep grasp of our technology and a clear, strategic vision for where we’re headed."

About JJJ International, Inc.

Since 2015, JJJ International Inc. has been at the forefront of integrated workforce management and talent marketplace innovations, helping businesses manage their shift-based workforces more effectively. Through its AI-powered platform, JJJ International enhances operational efficiency, improves service quality, and ensures compliance, driving both cost savings and flexibility.

To effortlessly manage shifts and vendors in one integrated platform, learn more at networkplatform.com. For temporary staffing, inquire at jitjatjo.com to quickly match with reliable W2 temp workers for your business.  

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