Jitjatjo X Goldman Sachs HQ Cafe (Aramark)

July 10, 2024
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Goldman Sachs- HQ Cafe
Temporary Workforce Woes: A Revolving Door of Inconsistencies

The Challenge 

Aramark is the official food service management partner for the Goldman Sachs HQ office’s cafe located in New York City. With thousands of employees, the cafe and retail check-outs get busy during all hours of the day for a much-needed break in between working. 

While leveraging external gig workers for open shifts was a temporary solution, the real challenge was retaining consistent workers which led to a revolving door of temps, wasted time training, and at times unexpected service delivery.  Also many times the provided workers lacked the necessary skill set required for the position they were matched with.

The Solution 

Not only was Jitjatjo a welcome platform to help streamline scheduling, payroll, and agency temp staff but many of the features solved the pain point of inconsistent talent. 

My Team in our platform allows booking managers to save their favorite workers and prioritize them for future shifts, supporting further reliability and peace of mind on a day-to-day basis. My Team allows you to select your favorite talent, ensuring they receive priority invitations for future shifts, making it simple to create a team of workers you trust. 

Additionally, Jitjatjo’s platform seamlessly integrates with their existing VMS (SAP Fieldglass) allowing managers to book through their default process and payment methods. 

The Results 

With Jitjatjo's support, Aramark was able to transform their workforce and significantly improve their operations. Utilizing Ondemand, Aramark received consistent and reliable staff. The results spoke volumes: a 98% on-time arrival rate for talent and a fulfillment rate of 98%, highlighting Jitjatjo's ability to promptly meet staffing needs. This partnership not only helped Aramark fill staffing gaps, restoring normal operations, but also allowed them to build a team of skilled workers who they were excited to see return for future shifts.  

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