How to locate your vaccination and immunization history for a job

April 4, 2022
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Depending on the role or type of facility, you may need to provide a copy of your Immunization records (also known as vaccination history.) It is common as adults to often misplace our immunization history or forget entirely what vaccines we’ve had throughout our lives and unfortunately, there isn’t a national organization that maintains this information for us in one place. 

Piecing together old medical records can be difficult and confusing, especially if you have  moved between states or gotten shots internationally. Here are some helpful tips on finding old immunization records in the fastest and easiest way possible…

Check These Places First:

  • Your House- Is there a place you keep your most important documents like birth certificates, social security cards, bank records, passports, etc.?
  • Your Family- If possible,  ask a parent  or guardian. 
  • Your Previous Healthcare Providers- Ask your doctor, public health department, or local health clinics you may have visited  and ask them to send you a copy of your immunization history. 
  • Your School(s)- Check with your high school and/or college health services. They may still have copies of your records on file.  
  • Your State’s Immunization Information System (IIS)- Each state has a different and separate systems to track themedical records of their residents. Check Here for your state’s individual portal and create an account—ou may need to enter personal information so the state can accurately identify you. Read here to learn more about Immunization Information systems. 

*Important to Note: The CDC does not keep vaccination record information. You must contact the state where you had your last shot. 

Can’t find your immunization records? 

Call the CDC’s Information Contact Center at 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636) to request further guidance

STILL Can’t find your immunization records? 

Unfortunately, you may need to repeat some of your immunizations. While it is annoying and time-consuming, your healthcare provider may suggest you get additional shots or draw blood for tests to help determine your immunity to certain diseases. Ask your healthcare provider to document this in your state’s local immunization registry. 

It is up to all of us, individually, to keep these records handy for easy reference in the future. This will help save time, reduce issues, and be ready to provide your vaccine history whenever you need it easily in the future. 

Why is it worth it to show proof of immunizations for a workplace when there are other jobs out there that don’t require it? 

Most likely you already have the vaccinations from childhood that are required for the job. While it may be easier to get hired at stadiums, restaurants, theme parks, venues and retail shops, typically workplaces that have a strict healthcode requirements  pay more! 

With just a little bit of searching,, you could get access  to higher wages in comparison to other hospitality, catering, and retail facilities! Worth it don’t you think?


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