The Mark Restaurant by Jean Georges x Jitjatjo

September 13, 2023
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The Mark Restaurant by Jean Georges

From short-staffed to fully booked

The secret ingredient for optimal
fine dining staffing

The challenge

Filling the gaps in fine dining

In the world of fine dining, attention to detail is paramount. The Mark Restaurant struggled to find skilled staff for peak hours, despite using staffing agencies and internal recruitment. This staffing shortfall risked compromising both service quality and the overall guest experience in their fine dining setting.

The solution

From crisis to calm

Before discovering Jitjatjo, the restaurant had tried a mix of solutions, including other gig work apps and traditional staffing agencies. What stood out about Jitjatjo was its ability to quickly provide quality workers. This wasn't just a staffing solution; it was a staffing transformation tailored for the demands of fine dining.

Jitjatjo's Ondemand app is quick to fill jobs with quality workers, saving the day during peak business hours. Pierre S. 
Executive Chef at The Mark Restaurant by Jean Georges

The how

A user-friendly approach to excellence

The client emphasized how the Ondemand app made it easy to choose from a variety of options for staffing needs. But user-friendliness wasn't just about the technology; it was about the entire staffing experience, including options for repeat or recurring staff, which proved to be exceptionally efficient.

The results

A perfectly composed experience

Thanks to Jitjatjo, The Mark Restaurant successfully navigates the complexities of staffing in a fine dining setting, achieving operational excellence without compromising on quality. Ondemand has become more than a tool; it's an integral part of their labor strategy, especially during specific shifts where they've historically faced staff shortages.

Client insight

Consistency is key

For those in similar leadership positions, the client advises aiming for staff consistency. "Try to get the same staff if possible," he suggests, noting the operational efficiency and team morale benefits of recurring staff members. "We've had recurring employees come back multiple times, which has been very efficient for us."

About The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges

Precision and excellence at every turn

Jean-Georges brings his passion for market-fresh, simple cooking to The Mark Restaurant, located in downtown Manhattan. The Mark restaurant reopened in early 2010 and has been drawing crowds for its celebrity chef, Pierre Schutz.

When the Mark Restaurant reopened they encountered the challenge of meeting the surging demand that ensued. The key challenge was to secure a workforce equipped with specific skill sets, ready to step in for shifts on short notice. Despite prior attempts involving staffing agencies and internal recruitment efforts, the restaurant had struggled to find an effective solution to address this pressing challenge.

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