Maof Human Resources x Jitjatjo

October 16, 2023
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Optimizing HR workflows

Maof Human Resource’s journey to streamlined operations and a leaner tech stack

The modern challenge

Embracing the flexible work revolution

Maof Human Resources, a provider of HR services to over 3,500 employers, faced challenges in adapting to the evolving workforce demands.

  • Manual processes across 12 systems hindered efficient candidate management.
  • A streamlined system was essential for the new generation workforce's needs.

The solution

An automated and consolidated tech stack

Network by Jitjatjo empowered Maof to revolutionize their HR processes, automate intricate tasks and create a seamless experience for flexible work opportunities.

  • Automated complex HR workflows by 53%, enhancing flexible work opportunities and team productivity.
  • 98% of HR and recruitment tasks now managed through Network.
Our partnership with Jitjatjo will open new doors for efficiency optimization and marks an exciting next step towards a new era of HR services for the Israeli community. We are thrilled to see what the future holds as we integrate their AI technology and next-gen HCM platform into our operations. Yaniv Nadler, Co-Founder of Maof

The how

Private-labeled talent marketplace platform

From onboarding to payroll, every HR task is streamlined, ensuring a consistent and smooth experience for workers.

  • Streamlined processes from onboarding to payroll.
  • Consistent employee experience, even with varied flexible working patterns.

The results

Operational efficiency transformation at scale

Transitioning from a predominantly manual model, Maof has realized significant automation benefits, dedicating more time to strategic recruitment.

  • Empowered HR teams to concentrate on specialist talent recruitment and optimal candidate placement.
  • Reduction in HR Tech Systems by 75% and a reduction in manual processes by 53%

About Maof Human Resources 

Israel's trusted HR solutions partner for over two decades 

For over 23 years, Maof Human Resources has established itself as a cornerstone in Israel's human capital management sector. With an extensive network that encompasses 1M+ candidates, 47 branches, and 3,500+ customers, they have consistently delivered pioneering HR solutions. Their transformative shift from manual processes to cutting-edge technology is exemplified by the launch of the GetJob labor marketplace, offering Israelis unparalleled flexibility in employment. At Maof, they are not merely providing HR solutions; they are sculpting the future of work in Israel.

About Network by Jitjatjo

The better workforce management and Talent Marketplace platform 

Our solution is designed to optimize workforce management through AI and empathic intelligence. This empowers our clients to improve their bottom line while offering employees more flexibility. Network supports various labor pools—internal, shared, and third-party. 
The result is an efficient, scalable solution for hiring and reducing temporary staffing costs.

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