Super Bowl LV: Rooting for Hospitality

February 4, 2021
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Super Bowl LV is only a few days away, and although your traditional viewing party may look a bit different this year, everyone is still hoping for a good game (and the food to go with it!). Learn how you can make this year’s game a win for hospitality. 

This Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face off against returning champs Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan, come for the commercials, or are most excited about The Weeknd performing at halftime, this year’s Super Bowl is expected to draw over 185 million viewers. And while most Americans’ Super Bowl festivities will look different this year, food and drink remain a highlight, with 91% of viewers planning to purchase food or drinks for the game.  Chicken wings and pizza remain MVPs of the night, with Americans eating a record 1.42 billion wings along with 12.5 million pizzas according to sales in 2020. The National Chicken Council’s annual Wing Report and the American Pizza Community (APC) expect those numbers to increase this year. So how can you get a piece of the pie?

If you’re a business, here are some tips to get into the game.

Package it Up

Create specials that pair favorite game time snacks with booze to go with it in a special game day box or package. These NYC spots are offering Super Bowl specials and spreads. These specials can help you stand out and provide a one-stop-shop for customers.  

#SuperBowlEats, #SuperBowlSnacks

Promote your offerings on your website, social media, and email marketing. Provide an incentive such as a discount or a giveaway when a customer tags your business on their social media channels. This can help broaden your reach and introduce your business to new customers.

Customize your Offerings

Find a way to customize your offerings to make them unique for the event. For example, if you own a bakery, offer football-shaped cookies or cupcakes with teams logos. If you’re a bar or restaurant, offer a special Super Bowl-related promotion on orders for that day.

Make it an Experience

Offer an online cooking class to show customers how to whip up some Super Bowl favorites at home. Better yet, make the ingredients for sale through your business. 

Huddle Up

If you expect an influx of orders on Sunday, make sure your team is prepared and you’re adequately staffed. If you find you need more help, Jitjatjo can provide you with the staff you need through their Ondemand service, even if it’s last-minute. 

If you’re a viewer this Sunday, here are some ways that you can help support hospitality.

Order Direct 

Super Bowl Sunday is an excellent opportunity to give your local restaurants some love. Give them a call or check out their website for ordering options.

Mix Things Up

It’s okay if you’re not into the traditional spread of wings and nachos. Use this opportunity to support your local restaurants no matter what the cuisine. Order from a few and make pre-game, the main event, and post-game each its own dining experience.


If you loved the food you ordered, share your experience with friends on your social media channels. Be the cheerleader for your favorite dish or restaurant. 

Tip Generously

Restaurants continue to be hit hard as they continue to face restrictions due to the pandemic. If you can tip more than usual, workers will appreciate the gesture.

We wish everyone a plentiful day of football, food, and fun this Sunday. We’re rooting for hospitality! 


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