We are...HumanPowered

Holden Shatouhy
September 14, 2020
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At Jitjatjo, our talent pride themselves on going above and beyond to create incredible experiences for customers.

Our Talent are more than servers, chefs, caterers, cleaners, or bartenders. They are dedicated, capable, caring, and resilient professionals that always perform when duty calls.

In this blog post, we will showcase some of our talent and what makes them HumanPowered!

Say hello to Chris!

Chris is a high-class bartender and server for Jitjatjo. He fully believes that the harder you work, the more opportunities you will receive. To him, life is all about mixing things up and trying new things. 

Chris has the lifelong goal of traveling to every country in the world. With Jitjatjo, Chris has the opportunity to be exploring the world one day and working as a bartender the next. 

Chris’s dedication to following his goals is what allows Jitjatjo to be #HumanPowered.

Next up, we want to introduce Cecily!

Cecily is a dedicated line cook and prep cook for Jitjatjo. Cooking is a passion she’s been following since she was a little girl learning to make grilled cheese just by watching her grandmother. She continued cooking with her family, developing her skills as a respectable cook.

Outside of the kitchen, Cecily loves to spend time with her niece and go biking. To Cecily, life is beautiful, hard, and worth living, and Jitjatjo gives her the flexibility to enjoy life.

Cecily is one example of the incredible talent that makes Jitjatjo #HumanPowered.

Allow us to introduce Celia!

Celia does a wide variety of front of the house skills that allow her to work a diverse amount of gigs at Jitjatjo. For her, life is all about spending time with the people you love. Flexibility was a significant factor when she was searching for jobs. To Celia, a job that prevented her from seeing her family wasn't a job for her to take.

With Jitjatjo, she was finally able to find that flexibility in her life. Not only does her vast skill set allow her to work in numerous different positions, but Jitjatjo also allows her to work when she wants, so she can spend time with those who matter most. 

Celia is another example of the diverse talent that makes Jitjatjo #HumanPowered.

Up next is Ben...

Ben is a thriving server and bartender for Jitjatjo. For him, every gig being different allows him to learn new skills and improve on old ones. He also enjoys the freedom to pick the gigs that best fit his needs, enabling him to visit new places or stick with gigs he has done in the past.

During his free time, Ben is a musician. He hopes one day he can make music a full-time job. Jitjatjo lets him meet and work with new people while still allowing him to put as much time as he wants into his music career. 

Skilled talent such as Ben is why Jitjatjo is #HumanPowered.

We want you to meet John!

John is a committed dishwasher and porter for Jitjatjo. He loves meeting new people at gigs and strives to put a smile on everyone’s face. At every gig, his goal is to work harder than everyone else because, without clean dishes, the rest of the kitchen can’t function.  ​

John comes from a very close-knitted family and loves to see new places and try new things. To John, Jitjatjo allows him to be his own person while still doing the things he loves. 

John is another example of the commitment to making Jitjatjo #HumanPowered. 

Next up is Thomas...

Thomas is a hard-working utility guy for Jitjatjo. He firmly believes that hard work pays off. Since he was young, he had to help earn money for his family and seeing his father work hard helped him understand the value of hard work.

For Thomas, not being bound to a strict work schedule allowed him to follow his dreams. He is no longer worried about letting a whole team down if he needs some time off. With Jitjatjo, he's able to pause his schedule whenever and focus his time on whatever he wants to achieve. 

Talent like Thomas is the fuel that allows Jitjatjo to be #HumanPowered.

Say hello to Joseph!

Joseph is one of our committed General Cleaners and Disinfection Techs. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Joseph worked in several hospitality roles. Since then, he has been re-trained on new skill sets, which opened up numerous opportunities. Not only can he work more gigs, but he can also now play a more significant role in stopping the spread of the Coronavirus. 

Joseph is always eager to learn new skills and help others along the way. With Jitjatjo, he can do both at once by mastering a skill that helps keep our communities safe. 

Joseph's selfless actions in helping to stop the spread of Covid-19 is one of the ways Jitjatjo is #HumanPowered. 

Let us introduce you to Tekiria!

Tekiria is an excellent catering server for Jitjatjo. Every day she strives to have fun in her life. She loves meeting new faces, seeing new places, and not being stuck in the same spot every day from 9-5. By working gigs, she can cater to any event and make connections with tons of people. 

​Tekiria came from a theater background and hopes to become an actress for films and tv shows one day. Once she builds her platform, she plans to use it to create a voice for people whose voices have been silenced. 

Tekiria is a shining example of what makes Jitjatjo #HumanPowered

Our final talent showcased in the We Are...series is Erica!

Erica does a variety of front of house positions at  Jitjatjo. She aims to overcome any new challenge that comes her way. A self-proclaimed jack of all trades, Erica has been everything from a teacher to a carpenter. The ability to pick up a gig whenever she wants allows her to continue increasing her skills.

Outside of Jitjatjo, Erica is a carpenter with the dream of working on broadway one day. Picking up gigs allows her to make enough money to fund her carpentry work. 

Erica and the rest of the talent is what makes Jitjatjo #HumanPowered.

Thank you for all that you do!


Written by
Holden Shatouhy

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